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Herb Prescription (Raw/Granule) change

A tailored Chinese herbal formula built for just for you.

Chinese herbal formulas can either be ordered into Bastyr Herbal Dispensary, or the dispensary of your choice, for pick up or delivery. Options include:

  • Raw Herbs: These require cooking at home twice a day every other day for roughly 45 minutes per boil. These are the most customizable to a person's constitution and condition, and often in the middle when it comes to price range.
  • Granules: These are pre-cooked herbs, dried and sprayed onto an excipient, such as maltodextrin. To take, patients simply dissolve them in hot water, and drink like a tea two to three times daily. Granules are somewhat customizable, quite convenient, and often the most expensive of herbal options. 

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Provider: Melissa Dana